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I wish I could show you everything right here, but there's just too much to share! I keep my most intimate moments hidden from the public eye. Come inside, and let me put on a private show just for you. Wanna know my innermost secrets? Wanna know what makes me wet? Wanna know how to contact me? I'm waiting, baby.
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Help From My "Friend"
After a steamy bath, I was in the mood for some naughty action. But I was all alone in my bedroom, throbbing pussy and all. So I looked to my "friend" to help me out. I can always count on my little buddy to get me off. Watch Full Video »
Length: 9m, 7s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
Private Polka Dot Dance
No I don't dance the polka! But I love dancing in my polka-dot undies before bedtime. Watch me straddle the chair and rub my nice little pussy all over it. I love to be spanked too, and it's not hard enough unless you leave marks! Watch Full Video »
Length: 6m, 38s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
All About Me
Everything you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask! Wanna know how a shy country girl like me got where I am today? Here's the story, with full frontal nudity, of course. It's show and tell time, boys! Gather around. Watch Full Video »
Length: 7m, 20s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
My Ass, Your Face
I love bending over, arching my back and sticking my ass in your face. Watch me shake it, bounce it, and slap it just for you. I'll even pull my panties to the side and let you peek at my pink from behind. I think you'll really like it. Watch Full Video »
Length: 6m, 9s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
New Pair of Panties
I think they fit pretty good, how about you? Nice and tight, just like me. They feel so good to the touch, I want to get them creamy for you. Watch me floss my pussy with them. I love these new panties, but they'd look even better with your cum on them. Watch Full Video »
Length: 6m, 54s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
How I Please Myself
First I close my eyes and rub my body all over, imaging you on top of me. Then I slowly remove my panties and tickle my pussy just enough to get it wet for the real fun: the toys. I just love a vibrator on my clit! You gonna cum with me, baby? Watch Full Video »
Length: 7m, 11s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
Pink: My Favorite Color
Not only does my shaved teen pussy look pretty, but it feels so soft and tastes delish, too. Watch it get worked from every angle. I love it deep, baby. Deep down my the throat. And deep inside my pussy. I may be tiny, but I can take a pounding. Watch Full Video »
Length: 29m, 15s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
Do Me Hard
Sometimes I like it really raw. It's like my body was built to take a beating. I just love it when a guy goes balls deep in me and smacks his nuts off my pussy lips. Watch my ass jiggle as I get rammed hard by a huge cock from behind. Watch Full Video »
Length: 31m, 8s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
Bathtime for a Dirty Girl
I'm such a dirty girl. Will you take a bath with me? I promise to clean your cock, too. My mouth is like a vacuum that never loses suction. Mmm, you like it when I stroke it like that, twisting my wrists and squeezing around the ridges? Watch Full Video »
Length: 22m, 43s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
Good Source of Protein
A growing girl needs her protein. I could never be a vegetarian, you know, cause I love eating meat pole! And washing it back with a load of sticky cum ensures I get more than my recommended daily requirement. I'm hungry daddy. Feed me. Watch Full Video »
Length: 19m, 36s
Formats: Flash, iPod, WMV, and Xvid
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